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Kokkari - Samos
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20150715 131812Efthimia's apartments are located in Lemos area, a very beautiful area that relaxes the body and the mind.
What makes this neighbourhood special is the small fishing harbor that splits the village in half. On one side it is
full of houses which climb up to the top of the hill and on the other side you will find a superb long pebble beach.

We guarantee that your accomodation will be one of the best you will ever have in your travelling experience.
Recently renovated our apartments have their own balconies full of colorful flowers with unique view out to the sea,
double beds with Tempur matresses, remarkably decorated with central air conditioning and heating. Just one minute
away from the heart of the village, the taverns, the bars and the various little shops and literally two steps away
from the sea water and the long pebble beach.

Kokkari is 10 kilometres away from the town of Vathi and the main port of Samos and 20 kilometres from Karlovasi town
which is the secondary port of Samos island. By renting a car from GO RENTALS you will have the chance to explore
the unique beauty of our island !!