The Waterfalls

3km out of Karlovasi, in the area "potami", you will find the famous waterfalls of Samos.
The waterfalls have an exquisite natural beauty and create two small lakes, ideal for the bold who want to swim in their cold water. To admire the waterfalls up close you will have to drive to Potami and from there walk an extra 1,5km reaching the church of Metamorfosis, the oldest church of the island which was built in the 11th century. That point is the exact half way to the waterfalls. From then on you will continue by climbing 50-60 wooden paths to get to the first waterfall. If you want to get to the large waterfall you will have to swim about 50m, because at that point the water gets deep and you can't continue on foot.
Make sure you have a swim suit with you and dive into the waterfalls, which reach 5m in height. This experience will be unforgettable.



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