GO RENTALS Policy - Insurance - Terms

go rentals


Our company GO RENTALS for renting cars and motorbikes is located in Kokkari of Samos.

 It consists of the biggest selection of rentals because of our competitive prices where we provide cheap and reliable services for car and motorbike rentals and for the professional punctuality we are known for.

In any circumstances we are always next to our customers a fact which proves the uncountable friendships we have created throughout the operation of our company. We are very willing, outgoing and love what we do.

This is the main reason of our continuous customers that prefer GO RENTALS for renting a car or a motorbike and always recommend us. 

By renting a car or a motorbike you will also realise this on your own. We are, with no doubt, the best choice of renting a vehicle in Samos. 

We would be very happy to be at your service.

go rentals


- We provide a 24 hour service and in case of a breakdown we replace your vehicle with no extra charge.
- Free delivery and pick up from the airport, harbours an hotels on all the island.
- Taxes are included in prices.
- No secret charges.
- Free helmets for motorbikes.
- Free children's seats.
- Free map of the island with every rental.

With every insurance our customer can have a total dismissal of the responsibility in case of an accident. Our insurance covers damages created yourself and damages of others only if you haven't violated the law and the terms of the contract.
Cases our insurance doesn't cover!

- In case of an accident you must inform the nearest police station and company. In case of no informing you will be responsible of replacing the damage caused on the company's vehicle.

- In case of driving under the influence of alcohol or other forbidden essence, also if driving on a road that is not covered in tarmac and off the road, unless you have a jeep(4X4).

- In case of transferring the vehicle to a near island or country (Turkey) with no approval of the company.

- In case our customer isn't careful with the vehicle. The down parts of the vehicle and the tires are not covered by any insurance company.

- Age limit: Minimum age limit is 23. You must have a credit card in your possession.

- Driver's License:  You must have a driver's license in your possession for at least a year.

- Minimum limit of rental: One (1) day. In case of not returning the vehicle at the agreed hour and without informing the company, you will be charged with 1/5 of the daily price.

- You will be responsible for any violation affirmed by the authorities.
- Driving of a person which has not been approved by the company and which name is not written in the contract is forbidden.

- Repairing the vehicle on your own is forbidden (mechanical or painting).

- You are obliged to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel that was given to you. If not you are obliged to pay the rest of the amount of fuel at the company. In case the fuel is more when you return your vehicle than it was when you received it there is no refund.

- The consumer or the driving of the vehicle in case of an accident is obliged to see to all the insurance measures and if you deny the cause of the accident you must have possess evidence and call the company immediately. You are also obliged to deliver any evidence or document to the company within 24 hours.

- If there is a case that you would like to expand the days of keeping the vehicle, you must contact the company within 24 hours before days expiring on contract. If not you will be responsible of illegal possession of the vehicle from the company.

- Our company will have no responsibility for the loss of personal objects of the consumer or any other passenger in the vehicle, throughout the time of possession nor when vehicle is delivered or in the office of the company.

- Our company has the right to end any contract with no refund to the consumer, if we realise that the consumer is abusing the vehicle or violating the terms of the contract.